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Re: Request for comments: usage of tags


On Fri, Jun 22, 2012 at 12:33 PM, NorfCran <norfcran@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> that sounds like a great proposal. Personally I may have a case, which uses
> tags for spatial identification for example "@location:lon,lat". The symbol
> of ":" is attached directly after the "@location". If this will be taken in
> consideration during rendering, it would be great. Furthermore it rises my
> interest due to possibility of hiding the geographical coordinates from text
> and keeping only keyword or even better only a simple symbol of a globe.

That sounds more like an "object" than a tag. Already for some time
I'm working in a separate branch which will feature "inline objects".
This would be the feature you need to create an object to represent
locations. Could indeed be rendered as a small icon.

Alternative you could think of this as a link. I think google maps
accepts lattitude and longitude numbers for search. So you could
configure an interwiki URL for google maps and insert places like
"map?lon,lat" and have it turn into a link that goes to google maps.