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Re: Request for comments: usage of tags


On Fri, Jun 22, 2012 at 12:32 PM, Joerg Desch <jd.vvd@xxxxxx> wrote:
> One small remark about the tags view. Have you ever tried to view tagged
> calendar entries? You will see a list of 05's and 07's! Not really
> useful. It would be great if the list prints the whole path. If the
> string is to long, the path should be shortened before the name of the
> page. So instead of "22" we would see "Calendar:2012:06:22" or shortened
> "SomethingLong:2012:.:05"

I think there is an open bug report for this, but I don't have a ready
way to fix it.

Showing the full path may not work well in a hierarchic view. Maybe
for calendar pages we should show the page title instead of the page
name. (So e.g. "Friday 22 June 2012" instead of "22".)

-- Jaap