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Hi Folks,

There are lots of features that I haven't discovered yet, and I don't know a
good way to do what I want, although I have no doubt that zim is the tool
that I think can do what I want.

Does anybody have an example notebook that they use for journaling daily
activity which accumulates activity by time and by "nouns" -- meaning
people, companies, things, maybe places, and so on.  In fact does anybody
have an example of any well-organized and useful notebook from which I could

My thinking is that as I make my daily notes, I will start a page each day,
so this should create a time sequenced diary.  Then I think I would like to
have the things I note create pages, and this is where things become vague.
I frequently organize my activities in "projects", so maybe I need project
pages and calendar pages?

What I'd like is for my mention of "Ingots of Gold" to create a page with
that title, and then all subsequent references to hyperlink to this titled
page, which I presume would have a list of references to "Ingots of Gold"???
This page should show me the days where I made notes about "Ingots of Gold"

Is this a reasonable interpretation of what zim can do?  I can see that I am
assuming some sort of magic auto-hyperlinking, and it is not clear such a
feature even exists, much less exists but remains undiscovered by me.

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