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Re: python 2 to 3, any plan?


Le 15/08/2012 08:28, Jaap Karssenberg a écrit :
> No concrete plan with a concrete timeline. I expect to go to python 3
> sooner or later, but I don't see a need to migrate immediately.
> In fact the main switch I see happening is moving to gtk3 with gir.
> This gives a number of improvements in the interface and underlying
> libraries. However last time I checked there were no gtk3 python
> packages for windows.
> Since both switching to python 3 and switching to gtk3 probably mean
> me going over the code file by file to check for changes, I rather do
> it in one go. So waiting for python 3 + gtk3 packages to become
> available before I start planning that.

Perfect. Thank you Jaap for your quick and cleat answer.

François Boulogne.