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Re: Behaviour of strikethrough TODO and FIXME in lists


On Wed, 2012-08-15 at 08:31 +0200, Jaap Karssenberg wrote:
> Actually this behavior should already be in place. Just tested it, and
> in my test it correctly disappears from the list. (Be aware that the
> list is updated on auto-save, so there may be a bit of a delay in the
> update.)
I pulled in bzr 576 (I had 555) and tested again. I still experience
~~TODO~~ in bulleted lists not disappearing.
Removing the bullet points does make the strike work, but then the nice
hierarchical nested todo list feature disappears.

Here is what I tested with (I have replaced tabs with 4 spaces):

* TODO 2012-08-13 Check if this behaviour is reported on Launchpad
    * Could not find anything, supposed to be that way by design?
    * Ask question on mailing list
    * ~~TODO~~ 2012-08-14 Send email to list
        * 2012-08-14 email sent
        * 2012-08-15 Jaap replies that this should have been fixed.
            * May need to wait until auto-update has done its work
    * ~~TODO~~ 2012-08-15 Check again and, if necessary, update bzr
        * The version running at report time is 0.56 bzr version 555
            * Strike does definitively not work
            * This test list show as hierarchical TODO in Task List
            * Striking out a TODO does not remove it from Task List
        * Pulling in bzr version 576
            * Version is still 0.56
                * Behaviour is the same as for bzr version 555
                * Something is not as it is supposed to be
    * TODO 2012-08-15 Remail the behaviour to the list

Kind regards,