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Crash report in *buntu distributions and Spell Check module


Jaap Karssenberg ha scritto:
On Mon, Aug 20, 2012 at 4:21 PM, Alessia <alemim@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I'm new here. I've start using Zim moths ago and after some week I've became
used and now I really appreciate all its functions.
There is a odd thing , maybe not a bug or some, that happen both in my
laptop ( Kubuntu) and my PC (Xubuntu): Almost when I start Zim or when I
perform some action like make a link, or insert and image, my system warn me
of a crash report. Even with this crash report Zim stays open without freeze
( that often happens to application that crash). It seems to work smoothly
and so my system so I'm wondering what means this crash report.
I'm running Precise Pangoling both in KDE and XLCE desktop enviroment
(Ubuntu 12.0.4)
What I think might be happening is that zim generates an error in a
signal handler and these are caught by the crash monitor, even if
these are not fatal for zim itself. Most likely these are exceptions
in the updating of the index tree widget.

If you want to know for sure try running "zim -D" and check for error
messages there.

Feel free to file bug reports in the launchpad tracker if you see any
error messages. In theory even non-fatal errors should never happen.


Hi, just to let you know I've updated those package during the usually system upgrade process, the crash report problem is still here. They packages are clearly ininfluent so I'm wondering why Crash report agent suggest their upgrade.

For who use Xubuntu : For my Xubuntu Precise Pangolin (12.04) to make "spell check" work you have to install "python-gnome2-extras" if you install only python-gtkspell + libgtkspell the spell check plugin doesn't work