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Win32: popup cmd windows; ditaa plugin; toolbar icons



I use latest portable version on Windows XP and would appreciate if I could
get help on some of my questions:

1. plugin commands (insert equation, insert dot graph, etc) open popup cmd
windows when executed which I think looks bad. I browsed plugin folder and
it seems like plugins call "zim.applications.Application" module for
command execution, but this module is unavailable for user tweaks. I know
that I can download Zim source, but then I have to install all dependencies
which makes the task undesired. So my question is, is there any way I can
remedy popup cmd windows while executing plugins?

2. I have ditaa plugin, and made it available system wide by making batch
file in Windows root folder "java -jar ditaa.jar %*". Executing "ditaa" on
command line from any folder is without problem, but for some reason Zim
can't find the command available. Again it looks from above like
"zim.applications.Application" module is responsible for finding it.

3. This is just cosmetic question, as I couldn't find icon resources used
on toolbar and in menu bar. They aren't available as PNG files (except
couple of them in pixmap folder) and I can't find which DLL holds icon


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