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Re: Zim version 0.59 released


A true and funny observation, Vlastimil Ott. Unfortunately this case
is different: The affected user _was_ fully backing up their work. In
fact, this incident points up a *weakness* inherent in automatic
syncing strategies.

Version control is a loosely related, though completely separate
technique, to allow "rolling back" to a previous version of a

I wonder whether Zim might make it easier for average users to
implement version control. Perhaps add plugins to include an
"embedded" copy of one of the supported version control systems? Just

On 1/25/13, Vlastimil Ott <linux@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Dne 25.1.2013 10:02, jayseye napsal(a):
>> A very persuasive case for using version control, which I've been
>> seriously considering anyway.
> There are two kinds of people... Those who back up their work and those
> who will.
> Sorry but it's true. I use Dropbox + online backup disk + external
> device to backup all of my work and I'm not stressed...