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Re: Fwd: Change editor for "Edit Source"


On 8 February 2013 22:41, Jaap Karssenberg <jaap.karssenberg@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> P.S. the advise Svenn gave applies for older version of zim but is no
> longer true for the current version

Config files are old, yes.

I scanned through the source in gui/__init__.py and found that zim
seems to have an ability to ask the user for an application if it
cannot find something appropriate for text/plain. There is also a
FIXME note there.

To find which mime zim picks up, run zim -D /path/to/notebook.zim in a
console and open the source for editing through the menu. In my log I
get this:

DEBUG: Action: edit_page_source
DEBUG: open_file(/home/svenn/zim/projects/Tracker/005_alliance_vlsi.txt,
DEBUG: Loading config from:
INFO: Spawning: ['gvim',
'/home/svenn/zim/projects/Tracker/005_alliance_vlsi.txt'] (cwd: None)
DEBUG: Process started with PID: 11640
DEBUG: Running MessageDialog

At least now it should be possible to nuke the .desktop zim picks up
by renaming it and restart zim. Maybe there is some caching somewhere
that I don't know of.

I had to stop the trayicon to have zim -D print the debug messages I needed.


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