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Re: Creating new pages from a "template"


On Mon, Feb 11, 2013 at 12:30 PM, Mark Hughes (Zim mailing list)
<mark@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Zim uses the term "template" for and export.
> I'm interested in having templates for creating new Zim pages and wonder if
> there is a mechanism for this.

There is a "hidden feature" in the code that I will enable after
fixing number of outstanding design items. (As you may have noticed,
dev pace is slow at the moment, so may take some time.) But the
intended feature is single page only, not sub-tree.

> If not, what would the neatest way to create
> new pages -- or rather a subtree of several pages -- based on some a
> pre-defined subtree of Wiki content? I currently use KeyNoteNF for this but
> am migrating gradually to Zim.
> My scenario is that whenever I set up a new project for a website client I
> have a pre-defined wiki (actually KeyNoteNF subtree) with placeholders for
> client information, standard tasks and so on. I create a copy of this and
> then rename/search and replace with the client name/web domain etc.

I think you could do the copy & replace in a small shell script. Add
this script to zim as a "custom tool" that takes page name as input.
This would enable a work flow where you go to a new page and then
trigger the tool from the tools menu to populate the page.



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