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Re: Searching for check boxes


On Mon, 2013-02-18 at 08:53 -0800, nathan.king@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> I agree that a new feature in the task list could be nice too but here
> is how I use the existing features.  I keep tasks all over the place
> in my Notebook, some tasks are minor or very detailed and not really
> worth tracking once completed but other, higher level main tasks are
> good to keep track of once completed.  For the tasks that I want to
> keep track of, I have a page named "Accomplishments" and when I
> complete a task I use the "Move Selected Text ..." and move the
> completed task to my Accomplishments page.  This method also allows me
> to move an extra line of text with the date (Ctrl+D) so I can group
> completed tasks by date.   

I do something similar, but the opposite way: I have a page for the
tasks that I am working on, one line per task and a year header between
the years. When a task is completed, I select that line and apply the
strike format to it. That way the completed tasks are 'greyed' out and
make the uncompleted tasks visually stand out. Each task line is a link
to a task page in a dedicated namespace.

I did use checkboxes a lot for todos in the beginning, but I found them
polluting my reading experience. Now I use the checkboxes only for
status of a task, and the keywords TODO and FIXME for short term
sub-tasks. This makes the TODOs and FIXMEs stand out in the Tasklist
compared to the umbrella task they are listed under. When a TODO or
FIXME is completed, I double-click the words and apply strike formating
to them. (not the entire line, just the keyword) That removes the TODO
from the Tasklist, but is available for later reference.

I use dates a lot, but I find the concept of 'due date' stupid, so I
mis-use the whole concept for 'entry-date'. I find that due-dates are
useless as references, but very valuable as entry dates.

At this point I started off explaining how I use Zim and found that I
became too verbose. I have been using zim since 2009 according to my
Journal and it is a very efficient task tracking tool when the right
feature is used the right way. My use-case simply got to big to describe
in an email.


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