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KeynoteNF to Zim conversion scripts available (perl)


I have moved an extensive KeynoteNF (Windows7) notebook to Zim (Linux and Windows7 via Dropbox).

To do this I wrote two perl scripts and a Linux utility (apt-get install unrtf). Using these it is pretty painless to export all your KeynoteNF notes to a directory, and then process each note one by one. Each note ends up as a Zim compatible directory tree with a subdirectory for each page/node that itself has child pages/nodes.

The scripts preserve indentation and tabs, but not text styles (though that would not be too hard to add).

Unrtf converts RTF to text. It preserves images by exporting them to ".wmf" files. I only had three embedded images so I've not tried to use the ".wmf" files, but maybe they can be embedded in Zim (or converted and then embedded).

I haven't tested the output thoroughly yet, but it looks good. The process handled a 6MB KeynoteNF database containing eight notes, thousands (probably) of nodes in trees several nodes deep. Most of the data is in just two notes.

Let me know if you want these scripts.


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