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Re: ZIM - a name or tag-line change?


Agree and well said....

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On 18 March 2013 08:11, Jules Moules <julesmoules@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi all
> I guess this is directed at Jaap Karssenberg.
> I used Tomboy notes.  Loved it, great app, perfect for my day-to-day use.
> After a short enough time it grew to nearly 400 notes (okay, 70 of those
> were recipes, including pigeon pie - interested?).
> But I got a little tetchy.  I wanted to insert inline photos, attach stuff
> so I didn't lose it (okay, I could link to a web page but who could
> guarantee that the page would still be up in a year's time?)  Couldn't do
> it.
> A good friend also uses Tomboy, so I'd want to send him a note.  Fine.
> First I had to find the note, then attach it, and then give instructions to
> my not-so-experienced-friend on how to save it.  So, more than a few
> growing up pains, and a need for extra stuff for my notes app.  But then,
> along came the Ubuntu One Tomboy Notes Synchronisation Disaster™...  That
> had absolutely *nothing* to with Tomboy Notes, I might add (I still love
> that app!)
> So I had a look around, couldn't find anything I really liked.  But by a
> random and unconnected route came across ZIM.  A 'desktop' wiki.  Well, I
> thought, going off on a tangent from what I was supposed to be doing,
> Tomboy is wiki-ish, so I'll have a little look at this to see if it can do
> the basic Tomboy stuff... and discovered *namespaces*.  That was it....
> Well, the result is history in my little world.  It does everything that
> Tomboy can do and, frankly, does it better.  Plus it has all that extra
> stuff that I'd been wanting for Tomboy.  So I'm getting my friend to
> install it, too.
> Now after all that preamble here's the 'but':  why don't you advertise it
> as a *Personal Desktop Notes Application and/or Wiki*.  I very nearly
> didn't find ZIM at all!  It didn't even feel, or seem from the name, like a
> drop-in replacement for Tomboy, ZIM works straight out of the box, has
> excellent docco, and also comes with a working Tomboy notes conversion
> script.
> I remain, Mr Karssenberg, pleasurably confused and annoyed.  ZIM is a
> fantastic little app and should be much more widely known as a Desktop
> Notes App and/or Wiki (and I'm talking as a general user of wikis at work -
> hell, I've even set 'em up - as information resources on projects,
> technical issues and for all sorts of stuff - and even I didn't make that
> connection!!!).  Because, unlike all the other server-based wikis I'd used
> and setup, this one was for the desktop.  And I didn't make that simple
> connection that a wiki can also be a personal desktop app, and that meant a
> notes app. My fault, perhaps, but I doubt I'm alone in this...
> So, how about the tag-line change?  Because it's an almost *perfect*desktop notes app..... and I'd like to see it marketed as such to those
> users who, just like me, want just a little more from their everyday notes
> app.
> Many thanks for your hard work.
> Jules Moules
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