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ZIM - a name or tag-line change?


Hi all

I guess this is directed at Jaap Karssenberg.

I used Tomboy notes.  Loved it, great app, perfect for my day-to-day use.
After a short enough time it grew to nearly 400 notes (okay, 70 of those
were recipes, including pigeon pie - interested?).

But I got a little tetchy.  I wanted to insert inline photos, attach stuff
so I didn't lose it (okay, I could link to a web page but who could
guarantee that the page would still be up in a year's time?)  Couldn't do

A good friend also uses Tomboy, so I'd want to send him a note.  Fine.
First I had to find the note, then attach it, and then give instructions to
my not-so-experienced-friend on how to save it.  So, more than a few
growing up pains, and a need for extra stuff for my notes app.  But then,
along came the Ubuntu One Tomboy Notes Synchronisation Disaster™...  That
had absolutely *nothing* to with Tomboy Notes, I might add (I still love
that app!)

So I had a look around, couldn't find anything I really liked.  But by a
random and unconnected route came across ZIM.  A 'desktop' wiki.  Well, I
thought, going off on a tangent from what I was supposed to be doing,
Tomboy is wiki-ish, so I'll have a little look at this to see if it can do
the basic Tomboy stuff... and discovered *namespaces*.  That was it....

Well, the result is history in my little world.  It does everything that
Tomboy can do and, frankly, does it better.  Plus it has all that extra
stuff that I'd been wanting for Tomboy.  So I'm getting my friend to
install it, too.

Now after all that preamble here's the 'but':  why don't you advertise it
as a *Personal Desktop Notes Application and/or Wiki*.  I very nearly
didn't find ZIM at all!  It didn't even feel, or seem from the name, like a
drop-in replacement for Tomboy, ZIM works straight out of the box, has
excellent docco, and also comes with a working Tomboy notes conversion

I remain, Mr Karssenberg, pleasurably confused and annoyed.  ZIM is a
fantastic little app and should be much more widely known as a Desktop
Notes App and/or Wiki (and I'm talking as a general user of wikis at work -
hell, I've even set 'em up - as information resources on projects,
technical issues and for all sorts of stuff - and even I didn't make that
connection!!!).  Because, unlike all the other server-based wikis I'd used
and setup, this one was for the desktop.  And I didn't make that simple
connection that a wiki can also be a personal desktop app, and that meant a
notes app. My fault, perhaps, but I doubt I'm alone in this...

So, how about the tag-line change?  Because it's an almost
*perfect*desktop notes app..... and I'd like to see it marketed as
such to those
users who, just like me, want just a little more from their everyday notes

Many thanks for your hard work.

Jules Moules


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