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Re: Firefox addon - zim-clip 0.5.1 : now working on Windows


On Wed, Apr 3, 2013 at 10:11 PM, Rui Nibau <rui.nibau@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> Hi all.
> A quick update for zim-clip : the add-on now works On Windows.
> Keep in mind that I can't test it under Windows as much as it should. I
> don't have Windows at home and at work, well, I have to produce code for my
> boss :-). However, I found time at lunch time those past 2 days to install
> python and addon-sdk on Windows and to change the add-on code to be able to
> run it under Windows.
> Tested with the Zim 0.58 Windows version - http://www.glump.net/software/*
> *zim <http://www.glump.net/software/zim>, under Windows Seven.
> If you use the add-on under Windows and find some strange behaviors,
> please report the logs / errors printed in Firefox console. Thanks.
> xpi: http://omacronides.com/lab/ff-**zim-clip/build/zim-clip-0.5.1.**xpi<http://omacronides.com/lab/ff-zim-clip/build/zim-clip-0.5.1.xpi>
> I have submitted zim-clip to the Firefox add-on website ; waiting for the
> preliminary code review. It will be available soon and updates will be
> easier then.

Cool !  Let me know when it passes - will update the zim website to link it.

Btw. trying to test on windows. Running from source but I run into the
problem that since my python is also installed without admin rights,
windows does not know how to run the source. But I have a similar problem
with the installed zim.exe - it is not in the path, so the extension does
not find it.

Maybe have the configuration point to a non-standard location and use the
zim.py or zim.exe found in that location ?  (In that case rename "run from
source" into something like "run from alternative location")



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