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Re: Firefox addon - zim-clip 0.5.1 : now working on Windows


Hi Jaap.

Le 04/04/2013 08:50, Jaap Karssenberg a écrit :

Btw. trying to test on windows. Running from source but I run into the
problem that since my python is also installed without admin rights,
windows does not know how to run the source. But I have a similar
problem with the installed zim.exe - it is not in the path, so the
extension does not find it.

I tried myself to run zin from source under Windows but failed ; some python modules missing and, as I have not much free time at work and I'm not very at ease under Windows, I passed.

Maybe have the configuration point to a non-standard location and use
the zim.py or zim.exe found in that location ?  (In that case rename
"run from source" into something like "run from alternative location")

Yes. That's clearly more useful than the 'use source' option. I'll do that.

Next release (0.5.2) friday.


Rui Nibau
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