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Firefox addon - Zim-clip 0.5.2 : alternative location for Zim


Hi all.

Here's a new version of Zim-clip. As jaap and Hilmar pointed out, it can be difficult to detect automatically where Zim is installed on Windows, except maybe reading the registry (but I don't know if it could be possible from an firefox addon). So, I change the option 'run from source' into an option 'run from alternative location'. So, if the location is provided, the addon search for 'zim.py' if it's the sources dir or for 'zim.exe' if we are on Windows.

Tested under Windows Seven.

Hope this one will work in (almost) all cases.

xpi: http://omacronides.com/lab/ff-zim-clip/build/zim-clip-0.5.2.xpi

If an error occurred while capturing or marking a page, you can always
see the error message in the Firefox error console (tools -> Web Developer -> error console). It seems that my log messages don't appear here - I have to find out why.


Rui Nibau
email: rui.nibau@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
im: rui.nibau@xxxxxxxxx
site: http://omacronides.com

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