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Re: Firefox addon - zim-clip 0.5.1 : now working on Windows


Hi Rui,

Using Zim 0.59 on Win XP SP3.

I thought it might be a path problem. My Zim is installed in "G:\Program Files\Zim Desktop Wiki".

I hacked the zim-clip-0.5.1.xpi\resources\zim-clip\lib\zim.js file to reflect my location of "zim.exe."

Since then it has been working on most sites. 'Marks' always works but for some reason 'Capture' does not copy from some sites (both under Linux & Win XP). Not sure why.

So it will be great to have option of defining where Zim is installed.

Thanks for getting this to work under Windows.


On 04/04/13 19:53, Rui Nibau wrote:
I Hilmar.

Thanks for the test.

Could you please tell me where Zim is installed on Windows XP ?

Is it in "c:\Program Files\Zim Desktop Wiki" ?

I'm working on a new version (0.5.2) which will give the user the
opportunity to define where Zim is installed (see Jaap message
above), not only running from the source.


Rui Nibau
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