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Re: Firefox addon - Zim-clip 0.5.2 : alternative location for Zim


Le 06/04/2013 23:14, nomnex a écrit :

Thanks for the links. A little feedback now. I launched firefox -p with
a test profile. installed v. 0.5.0. The first command "copy to Zim"
took quite a long time (~30 sec.), the following "copy to Zim" commands
were fast. I installed 0.5.2. No problem there.

After logging out (vs. terminating the FF process), I re-installed v.
0.5.2, on my default FF profile. You add-on now works as expected.

Glad to see it works.

I take the opportunity to ask you a question:
When I have an instance of Zim already running (notebook 'foo' open),
and I copy some web content to the same notebook, Zim-clip creates
another instance of the Zim tray icon on the task bar. It happens on a
XFCE DE. Is there a setting to prevent it?

NB: I do not use the Tray icon preference "create a separate icon for
each notebook"

I can't tell you. I'm on Gnome 3 and each action of zim-clip (clips or marks) just use an already opened instance or open a new instance if Zim was closed.


Rui Nibau
email: rui.nibau@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
im: rui.nibau@xxxxxxxxx
site: http://omacronides.com

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