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Re: Diagram Editor not working on Windows 7


Thank you for your detailed reply!

I'll look into it tonight.


On Thu, Apr 11, 2013 at 5:09 PM, Jaap Karssenberg
<jaap.karssenberg@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 11, 2013 at 10:04 AM, Bagana Khereid <bagana@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I'm new to this mailing list. Found it from Zim homepage following
>> "For user questions and development discussion, please join the
>> mailing list...", Hope this is the right place for this mail.
> Feel free to ask here. To report specific issues that need fixes in zim,
> please use the bug tracker at https://bugs.launchpad.net/zim
>> I've been using *Zim 0.59* on a *Windows 7 64bit* machine for a while
>> now, but only with a few pre-installed plugins enabled. When I wanted
>> to draw some block diagrams in my wiki's a couple days ago, I
>> downloaded *GraphViz 2.30.1* (with its *bin* directory added in my
>> PATH variable) along with *Pango 1.29.4-1* and enabled *Diagram
>> Editor* plugin in Zim Preferences view. But the plugin didn't work.
>>     1. In "Insert Diagram" dialogue, an error icon is displayed in the
>> preview area when I click on the "Preview" button. When I click on the
>> "OK" button, it says "An error occurred while generating the image. Do
>> you want to save the source text anyway?".
>>     2. I confirmed that the "dot" command from GraphViz is working as
>> expected when I type it in a command line interface (both cmd.exe and
>> MSYS shell are tested).
>>     3. Following is a piece of GraphViz code I tested with:
>>                 digraph G {
>>                         foo -> bar
>>                 }
>>     4. I googled around and got nothing useful.
>> So I'm wondering,
>>     1. Did anyone see this problem before?
> Just tested using source version of zim on windows 7 with Graphviz 2.21
> installed. Works as expected.
> Not tested:
> - compiled version of zim
> - GraphViz 2.30
>>     2. I can't find a log file anywhere, is there one? Or is there a
>> switch to enable/disable logging?
> The logging from zim can be found in "%TM%/zim.log", to get detailed debug
> output use "zim -D --standalone". The log will include a line where the
> "dot" command is executed, but not output from the dot command. Please check
> this log for any bugs in zim itself (before calling dot).
>>     3. In .../zim-0.59/App/ZimDesktopWiki/zim/plugins/diagrameditor.py,
>> line 107, I found:
>>                 # Call GraphViz
>>                 try:
>>                         dot = Application(dotcmd)
>>                         dot.run((self.pngfile, self.dotfile))
>>                 except ApplicationError:
>>                         return None, None # Sorry, no log
>>                 else:
>>                         return self.pngfile, None
>> Is that "except" clause the right place to trace down the problem? (I
>> don't know Python, sorry!)
> Well, yes, but you don't have much info at that point since the dot command
> does not generate a log. You can add a statement before "return None, None"
> like:
>     except ApplicationError:
>          import logging
>          logger = logging.getLogger('zim.plugins.diagrameditor')
>          logger.exception('Error running dot:')
>          return None, None # Sorry, no log
> This will add any information that can be obtained to the log. But might not
> be very informative.
> (be aware that python is sensitive to indenting level, so put is at the
> proper depth)
>> I found that every ".py" file in that directory has a ".pyo" version,
>> they seem to be "compiled" Python modules?
> Yes, but don't worry, they are regenerated when the source is edited - no
> need to compile anything yourself.
>> I don't have a Python compiler/runtime. If this is not a known issue
>> or there's not a known solution for it, I'm gonna install one and
>> start to learn some Python. I really love Zim for its simplicity and
>> extensibility and its file system hierarchy for storage.
> Actually you have :) it is compiled in the zim executable you have .. but
> separate version is indeed easier for debugging.
> Regards,
> Jaap

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