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Re: zim 5.9 and CPU load on win7


Interesting finding.

I can reproduce what you're describing, but for me, even when
launching the external editor on a regular page, the CPU usage won't
go down to normal until I close Zim. From your report I understand
that when you launch the editor from the "Insert plugin" dialog the
CPU usage hangs until you close Zim, but when launching it from a
regular page, the CPU gets back no normal once you close the editor,

Well... in my case, the only way to go back to the normal CPU usage is
to close Zim, on both cases.

Tested on a Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bits SP1, up to date, using the
regular, "Desktop" Zim 0.59 build from here:

Svenn, are you using that Zim build also?

Jaap, maybe you're testing on development/source code build, and
that's why you can't reproduce the issue?

I use Windows 7 regularly at my job, so if anyone needs further
testing, just propose it, and I'll try to make the time. But without
further instructions I really don't know how to debug this in more


On Wed, Apr 17, 2013 at 9:06 AM, Svenn Are Bjerkem
<svenn.bjerkem@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> A short update on zim 0.59 on win7 and CPU load.
> I just happened to fire up the external editor in the 'insert symbol' plugin
> I noted that the fan started running almost immediately.
> Inspecting the CPU load showed that zim.exe was using 13% of the CPU
> When I closed the external editor and the dialogs, the CPU load was still
> 13% until i finally closed zim.
> I then tried to use the external editor on a regular page.
> The load increased again.
> When closing the external editor the load decreased and the fan went back to
> silent.
> I then did the insert symbol, edit, thing again and load increased.
> The load did not decrease when closing the external editor.
> I have been using zim every day since my previous report without noting that
> the fan speed increased.
> I did not use the external editor during this period until I clicked the
> wrong button in insert symbol dialog today.
> Anybody cares to try to reproduce?
> --
> Svenn
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