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Re: zim usage of linux threads


Hi Jaap,

just a quick update: After recycling zim-wiki the number of threads stayed in the 11 ballpark for quite a long time. It suddenly started climbing while I was running a completely unrelated ftp file transfer. Stopped climbing when the ftp ended, restarted climbing when I purposedly ran another ftp. It is now at 227!

Can't even imagine the relationship between zim-wiki and my ftp activity, but I wanted to share what I saw so far.

Thank you,

On 10/24/2014 07:09 PM, mario@tiscali wrote:

    thanks for your kind reply.

To just get the number of active threads issue the following command: ps -eT|grep zim|wc -l

For a detailed list use: ps -fT -C zim

By the way: After a quit/start and couple of page views zim-wiki sits at 11 threads. I will keep it under control.

Long and probably not nicely formatted command output follows:


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