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Fwd: Index structure - how efficient?


On Fri, Jan 23, 2015 at 3:55 PM, Güven, Ugur Murat
<murat.gueven@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Marco,
> thank you!
>> Inside projects I have a first level item with the client name and then each
>> project as a different page
> Do you have any structure below your client projects?

Consider that I use Zim for personal notes related both to work and
personal life. We have another project management system where we
store all infos about projects. So only a fraction of the real
projects end in my Zim and no, I don't have anything else below
projects, like this:

|_ project 1
|_ project 2

I usually put the name of the project, rather than the code, but it
would make more sense to index them with the proper ID (the ID
assigned in our project management system).

How do you handle meeting notes?

If any (not so common in my job), I add them inside the project page.

> And how do you handle ongoing topics (which could be usually a deliverable / issue / risk etc. in a project ;) )?

Deliverables are usually a shared task in my job, so I simply add a
link to the shared document in the project page. Everything else goes
inside the project page, in a specific section.

>> To-do is a list of actions I need to do [...]
> That is surprising for me. So I take it that you don't use the task list plugin?
> Is this a continuing list of to-do's with client specific tags?

I do use the task list plugin, but since many of my to-dos don't
belong to a project (I'm too lazy to be strict with GTD, like I
mentioned), I prefer to write them under one single page. I usually
copy-paste this page into one Word file (already formatted), so I can
print them out nicely on 1-2 pages. Even the work-related to-do are
usually not bound to specific clients/projects, because the more
urgent tasks are stored in our project-management system. So,
basically, I use Zim to write down the tasks with no specific end
date. All the rest goes elsewhere.

> Regards,
> Murat

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