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Feature Request - Horizontal Rule, Max Width


On some pages in ZIM I just want to store collections or snips of text. 
These snips don't need a heading or title, and using one page per snip
would be to much.

A feature I think could be nice would be for a horizontal rule or
divider, similar to HTML's <hr> tag.  Currently I just use a sequence of
dashes, however number of dashes may vary and look unsightly, and it may
not fill the screen depending on the size of the ZIM window. If the
window is too wide, the separated text may expand past the dashes used
as separators.  If the window is too narrow the dashes may wrap ac cross
multiple lines.  A horizontal rule would auto-size with the width of the

Another feature would be the ability to limit the width of text so lines
may be shorter if desired. Such a feature should not apply to verbatim text.


Brian Allen Vanderburg II

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