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Re: What about png? (Feature Request - Horizontal Rule, Max Width)


Insert a png or svg image, e.g. with hight=2 pixels, width=800 (or so).
This may also be indented as it is part of text.


On 14.06.2015 04:00, Brian Allen Vanderburg II wrote:
> On some pages in ZIM I just want to store collections or snips of text.
> These snips don't need a heading or title, and using one page per snip
> would be to much.
> A feature I think could be nice would be for a horizontal rule or
> divider, similar to HTML's <hr> tag.  Currently I just use a sequence of
> dashes, however number of dashes may vary and look unsightly, and it may
> not fill the screen depending on the size of the ZIM window. If the
> window is too wide, the separated text may expand past the dashes used
> as separators.  If the window is too narrow the dashes may wrap ac cross
> multiple lines.  A horizontal rule would auto-size with the width of the
> window.
> Another feature would be the ability to limit the width of text so lines
> may be shorter if desired. Such a feature should not apply to verbatim text.
> Thanks,
> Brian Allen Vanderburg II

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