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Zim 0.63 released today


Dear all,

I just uploaded Zim version 0.63 to the website. Also should be available
in the PPA soon.

This release has two main features:
1. New plugin for tables - by Tobias Haupenthal
2. Support for Fossil version control - by Stas Bushuev

In addition it collects all the bug fixes of the past months.

The table support is still a bit rough around the edges, will need to
improve the framework for embedded objects.

Not in this release are the fixes for the indexer that I promised to
several people. Still working on that but it turns out to be a major
refactoring of the code - for the best , but time consuming.

You may have noticed that this release comes without pre-warning for
translators. I want to get back to "release early, release often" and in
order to do that, I don't want to have the two week waiting period for
releases anymore. However please do update the translations, if there is
enough updates I'll roll a new release in 2 months time.

That is all for now. Hope the new features and bug fixes are useful, will
keep working on all the other stuff.



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