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0.63, some pages do not show up in index.


Dear Japp,

Thanks for the 0.63 release !

And I want to report an error about index, , just hope it may be useful :)
( I guess I should wait patiently because you already said in release note
it is a work in progress. )

 PC, win7 x64, cp936 (simplified Chinese),
 python 2.7.10,
 zim 0.63, running from source code "zim.py".

 1. Some pages do not show up in index ( they do exist on disk ).
 2. If I run "python zim.py --index -V ./Notes", I will got random error
logs like:

INFO: Indexed Book
ERROR: Got an exception while indexing "<IndexPath: OCW>":
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "d:\tTool\zim-0.63\zim\index.py", line 720, in _do_update
  File "d:\tTool\zim-0.63\zim\index.py", line 1005, in _update_pagelist
    (page.basename, natural_sort_key(page.basename), path.id,
page.hascontent, False))
  File "d:\tTool\zim-0.63\zim\utils.py", line 135, in natural_sort_key
    bytestring = locale.strxfrm(string)
INFO: Indexed OCW

 ( Both symptoms disappear when using zim 0.62 )

Best regards!

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