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Re: Edit Source (How to add a link to a file ?)



see: zim Help; "Wiki Syntax"

# this gives a link to some attached picture

# this displays some attached image inline,
# default sizze or with given width/height
{{./foobar.svg}}    # scalable vetor graphics (e.g.: inkscape)

I don't know any way other than visiting the source file
to change between {{..}} and [[..]] syntax for images.

    Tools  --  Edit Source

You can Copy/Paste some link (even a link to png file) to another place,
which keeps the link as is. Say, there is no magic conversion between
{{..}} and [[..]].

Best regards,


On 18.06.2015 23:19, Didier BRETIN wrote:
> Hello,
> I found how to link a text of a page to a file attached to my page, but
> now I wouls to link an image to a file attached to my page. Is it
> possible ? I found nothing in the documentation.

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