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Re: Use Case: Manage daily tasks



thank you for sharing your thoughts too :) They gave me a great insight and more ideas on how to use and improve Zim ☺

>The day I gave up putting due dates in the future on my tasks, my life with Zim became less date maintenance and more productive work.

I tend to agree with you 100%. But I still use due dates which help me prioritizing the tasks which are urgent and / or important ;)


>In the task list field 'Labels marking tasks' I usually add 'MAYBE' as a task tag (not using @maybe as that pollutes my tag space)
>When the Journal plugin is enabled, I just hit alt-d and write on that page:

alt-d doesn’t work for me as this is assigned to the Files menu (German language). I need to use the menu or change the key binding.

>* MAYBE Look into that web page describing how to turn a foo into a bar.
> This will show up in the task list under MAYBE and the page name will be the date when I put it in.

I must admit I haven’t used additional labels to mark tasks other than TODO.
But I get your point. Instead of using a tag _DAILY it could be a label DAILY for daily tasks.

>If I happen to want that maybe to go away from the task list either because I have done it or I don't want to be bothered, I go to the page and apply strike format to MAYBE. It goes away from the task list, but stays in my notebook in case I ever do a
>search for foo or bar.

> I like to think that things that once were important, will be important again, so I never delete anything if I can help it. Just hide it a bit by striking it out.

I prefer to use the brackets for tasks instead of the bullet point as it gives me more convenience when ticking or striking a task.

>On topic pages, I sometimes put in FIXMEs (must happen soon), TODOs (should be done) and MAYBEs (done at my own discretion) in nested list.

>* TODO [d:2015-06-23] Write a serious document about my revolutionary zim use-case
>    * TODO [d:2015-06-24] Try out some of Murat's plug-ins

You should try the due date plugin ;)

>Show up as nested todos in the task list.

Unfortunately the task list plugin doesn’t parse tasks with labels the same way as with tags when it comes to nesting.

For instance:

TODO: @daily
[ ] this is a task 2
                [ ] this is another 2

This is shown as nested list for the tag @daily, but not for the label TODO

*TODO this is a task 2 @daily
* TODO this is another task 2 @daily

This is shown as nested list for the tag @daily and for the label TODO

MAYBE: @daily
[ ] this is a task 3
                [ ] this is another 3

This is shown as nested list for the tag @daily, but not for the label MAYBE

* MAYBE: this is a task 3
   * MAYBE: this is another 3

This is shown as nested list for the tag @daily and for the label MAYBE

Either this is a bug, or the parser needs review ;)

>I keep separate topic pages for each project I work on. If I do something notable on a task, I hit alt-d to bring up a journal page of today, and pull in a back-link from the project topic page and start typing my findings.
>If I happen to do something revolutionary on another task, I pull a link from that page also, separating tasks with a few newlines.
>Now the project topic page will have backlinks to each day with notable findings. By opening the backlinks in tear-off mode, I can walk through my jottings on the project in a comfortable manner.
>This work habit has lead to opening a journal page for each day just to document which project I am working on, even if I don't have so much to write. There is always something to note down.

I like the basic idea of yours to add comments into the journal. How do you ‘pull a link’? Drag and drop with the mouse or use CTRL-L?
Where are your tasks located? Within the topic pages or within the journal pages? I have never used the ‘search backlinks’ search, I must admit, but it is quite handy in the way you use it.

What I find a bit bumpy is that you need to look for backlinks to a specific task (assuming that you locate your task in the topic pages) to find all your comments. What I’m trying to do is to have a complete task log per task which is
also shown in the task list plugin.