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Re: How can I change the notebook landing page?


I don't know if this can help.
I have a page called "overview" that I want to be the first page opened by Zim and the one called with the button "home". To do that:
launch zim with this parameters:
zim name-of-your-notebook  yourhomepage
or put this command in the application launcher properties.
Another user kindly suggested this to me and it worked fine.

Il 31/07/2015 09:01, Robert Zelník ha scritto:
Hi all, is there any way how to change the page of the notebook which is open as a starting page when I open a notebook? It seems it's different from a "home" setting in the notebook config file (notebook.zim).

I have set
in both notebooks, but when I open them in Zim, they start on pages that are different from the "Home".

I have tried to remove the whole .zim directories in both notebooks, so the only config that remained was the notebook.zim file. Where else could these settings be stored?

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