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Re: New Plugin: BookmarksBar


Thank you Pl, and sorry, I should have checked it myself.

Just our of curiosity - why persistent bookmarks are not the default? Maybe it's me, but looking at how browsers implement them I would think that this is the "expected" behavior.

Great job anyway!


On 09/12/2015 12:00 PM, Pl wrote:
Hi, Mario.

There is an option 'Save bookmarks' in plugin configuration (Edit >
Preferences > Plugins > BookmarksBar > Configure). If you check it, the
plugin will save bookmarks between sessions.

To All:

Thanks to all for your feedbacks. Now there is another update – I have
implemented some of yourrequests and also added some of mine. Anybody
who wantsto test it welcome to the“[Feature Request] BookmarksBar
plugin” topic in launchpad.

Some Remarks.

I really would like to introduce Drag&Drop for reordering bookmarks but
it is buggy (at least in Win). As I understand the reason is GTK2. I
hope that the situation with GTK3 will bebetter and Zim is going to be
ported to GTK3 (at least I saw that Jaap Karssenberg created such
branch). After that I could try to introduce DnD again. Until then use
new Copy/Paste menu options to reorder bookmarks.

I introduced limit to thenumber of bookmarks simply because I don't see
a need in creating many bookmarks - it will be inconvenient to work with
them (there is no quick view for bookmarks, no grouping, no icons, no
backups, no quick search...). If there are too many pages to keep it may
be better to use other instruments like tags - there is a number of
useful plugins for working with them thanks to other plugin writers.
There may be other approaches: it is possible tomake a bookmark ofa
parent pagewhere all importantpages are and then click on this bookmark
and pick subpages from the Index. Also it is possible to create a page
where links to other pages will be savedand put this page as a bookmark
to the bar.

Regards, Pl.

2015-09-11 6:31 GMT+04:00 mbezzi <mbezzi@xxxxxxxxxx

    Pl, thank you for the nice BookmarksBar plugin, very useful!

    One question please - I just installed it under RHEL following JP
    Vossen manual procedure. Everything went OK and I am able to use
    BookmarksBar. What happens to me though is that bookmarks disappear
    if I shut zim down. Is this normal? Are bookmarks supposed to be
    persistent across zim recycles?

    Thanks in advance,