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Howto Remove Displaed Styles



I recently discovered this great tool.
Thank you for the effort.

*TLDR:* _How can I disable all styles i.e. Check-boxes from GUI_. And
leave only Links and H1, H2,.. , highlighting.

In my use case there is strong need to store plain text data in somewhat
hierarchical order.
I find this difficult as the wiki-syntax replaces my "code".
After pasting
[*] code
[ ] code
    [*] code
    [x] more-code

I noticed that I can copy the source from the text files as a
workaround. But this is not so handy.
May be there is a way to change the styles in the "style.conf"? I check
the FAQ and the manual and didn't find something like this.

I know that syntax is one of the main features but for my special use
case it is just too much.
In case that there is no such option could you hint me which part of the
source code need's to be patched? I am willing to patch it.

Thank you very much.

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