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Re: Howto disable wiki-syntax (checkboxes)


Any updates on this?

I looked at the pageview.py in GUI and spotted this part:

autoformat_bullets = {
    '*': BULLET,
    '[]': UNCHECKED_BOX,
    '[*]': CHECKED_BOX,
    '[x]': XCHECKED_BOX,
    '()': UNCHECKED_BOX,
    '(*)': CHECKED_BOX,
    '(x)': XCHECKED_BOX,

I tried to change it but I couldn't disable the described behaviour (see
Any ideas where to look? I try to disable the "wiki-syntax" - at least
for checkboxes.


On 10/10/15 20:53, cmpone wrote:
> Hi,
> I recently discovered this great tool.
> Thank you for the effort.
> *TLDR:* _How can I disable all styles i.e. Check-boxes from GUI_. And
> leave only Links and H1, H2,.. , highlighting.
> In my use case there is strong need to store plain text data in
> somewhat hierarchical order.
> I find this difficult as the wiki-syntax replaces my "code".
> After pasting
> [*] code
> [ ] code
>     [*] code
>     [x] more-code
> I noticed that I can copy the source from the text files as a
> workaround. But this is not so handy.
> May be there is a way to change the styles in the "style.conf"? I
> check the FAQ and the manual and didn't find something like this.
> I know that syntax is one of the main features but for my special use
> case it is just too much.
> In case that there is no such option could you hint me which part of
> the source code need's to be patched? I am willing to patch it.
> Thank you very much.

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