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Maximum Content Width:

I'm working on a 24" screen and I was thinking that it would be nice to have a setting or a minimalistic slider over the editor to define the maximum displayed content width. (see attachment: zim_content_width_option_and_margins.jpg) Otherwise you will have very long lines in fullscreen. I know one can resize the window to the desired size but that reveals the "chaos" of other Apps/Desktop below, which I often like to avoid by entering apps in fullscreen. I also know one can use F11 (Dstraction Free..) but that is no real option for me either, because it takes me too far away from all other stuff that I have running. I find each app should be in a window (no matter if they are in fullsreen or not) or at least that's how I like it the most. Also don't forget that you have to hit F11 two times, one time for entering and one time for leaving the mode. While in F11-mode you loose some native window functionality, like moving it via shortcut and the menus tend to hide in F11-mode as well. I don't think the F11-mode is for the desired purpose.

Editor Margins:

Another feature that I think would be great is a setting to define margins for the editor. (see: zim_content_width_option_and_margins.jpg). I couldn't find any config for that purpose, so I always put an empty line on top of the page to move the content away from the top-border in order to make the page look less confined. The empty line ends up to be inside the content. It shouldn't be there.

Colored Index Tree:

The more pages I have in Zim and the bigger the Index Tree gets the more difficult I find it to keep track of the hierarchy and categories within the Index Tree. I think it would be a good idea to add some visual assistance to it, like some colors (see: zim_tree_with_color.jpg).

What do you think? :)



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