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Re: Zim and evernote?


Hi Agus, 

You may want to try Zimdroid. I haven't had time to use it since it needs compilation and is not available ready to use. 

I'm not sure if development continues. 


Am 28.01.2016 8:44 vorm. schrieb Agustin Lobo <aloboaleu@xxxxxxxxx>:

I understand some people in this list have actually migrated from Evernote to zim but I'm starting to be in desperate need to at least some of the zim functionality on Android devices. None of the suggestions I've seen so far in the list (I..e. Using a text editor) are really practical. 
I wonder if I could use the free (thus cloud) version of Evernote on Android and somehow get the information I input accessible by zim on Linux and Mac. Currently I have my zim notebook on Dropbox and use it from my Linux and Mac machines. It is more a question of saving info from Android to zim than the reverse. Any suggestion on this eventual Evernote to zim bridge? I have never used Evernote and do not want to try something that Evernote users know that is not worthwhile.
Obviously the real solution would be a zim app for Android but I think this not being developed.