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Re: Links to certain subtitles


Hi there,

actually all of you are right about this.

My favourite choice would be to have "link anchors" (thanks for refreshing my vocabulary, Tom!), so yes, links to certain words would satisfy me mostly.

As I thought this to be too difficult to implement, I wondered if the other way (that Colin actually described quite more elegantly than me) would be possible, as it would satisfy me enough to have a link at least to the certain subtitle of the paragraph containing, for instance, my bewished equation.

My hope was it to have the index-plugin as some help here. I like it to be shown the content of my pages like in a pdf, now I would like to have links not only to the pages but also to the subtitles on the pages - but I'm repeating myself here.

I'm with Colin: hopefully we're still wrong here. o:-)

Thank you kindly for all your answers!


Zitat von Colin Tedford <colin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

basically you are saying that you would like to be able to set a link to
any word within any page.  Is that correct?

I think Sebastian wants to link to headings (as one can do, for example, at
WIkipedia), not any word. As far as I know this isn't possible, but I hope
I'm wrong because it would be useful.