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I don't like looking at the bottom of the screen all the time. Hurts my neck for one. Since the physical structure of my desk prevents me from raising the monitor more than 3 inches off the desk (roll top), my other option is to resize my window to only go to half screen. I don't like that either, and can't in fullscreen mode.

I first discovered typewriter scroll with Scrivener, and would love to see a plug-in for Zim that can be turned on and off, like Sublime Text has. See: https://github.com/alehandrof/Typewriter.

I have no idea how difficult this might be. I am willing to pay $100.00 for the development of this plug-in, that also works in fullscreen mode and on both Windows and Linux versions. That isn't much--unless it took 5 minutes and 10 lines of code--but all I could offer. If multiple parties wished to cooperate to develop it, I could make it a donation to Zim instead or divide it equally across the developers, so I guess upfront coordination would be necessary to avoid duplication of time and effort. It would need to be more than an Emacs M-x recenter, though even that is better than every word processor ever made.

I really don't know how supporting developers directly works, as I have only supported projects, so if I sound stupid or naive or it's too hard and I'm showing ignorance, you can mock me (but be gentle, please). But if this is do-able and the list is an appropriate place to hammer it out or others also wish to support this then great!

Bo Grimes

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