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Re: Tasklist update


Dear all,

I've updated the tasklist plugin after your feedback as well as did some enhancements and bug fixing.


I added a "tick / untick all tasks" function. Together with the filtering function this gives you a conveniant
method to tick / untick a list of tasks with specific tags / key words.

The Tag Autocompletion plugin deletes pre-selected text before adding a tag. It is recognized if the selected text is itself a tag.
(Usually double clicking a tag selects the text without the @ char)

Thank you for Mario Bezzi, Famille Meunier and Dimitrij Lisov for their feedback.

[Change Log]

 * V1.97 Tasklist: re-arranged elements within the dialog to fit for
   low resolution screens
 * V1.96 Tasklist: fixed index issue when tasklist was activated before
   updating the plugin by increasing SQL_FORMAT_VERSION to 0.61
 * V1.95 Taskcomment: code cleaning and fix for comment in strong /
 * V1.94 Tasklist: label comments are also collected
 * V1.93 Autocompletion: If text is selected after activation of AC,
   the selected text is replaced. If selected text was itself a tag and
   the @ sign wasn't selected with, it remains after inserting the new
   selected tag
 * V1.92 Ticking issue while column resizing solved, Pane positions are
   saved again
 * V1.91 Filtering works now with comments as well
 * V1.9 Added "tick / untick all tasks". Reworked tags list: Added tags
   from ticked tasks to tag list
 * V1.84 Fixed [no date] entry for children

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