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Re: Tasklist update


Dear Murat,

1. I see, that your described way is working too. From a user experience
point of view I nevertheless propose to separate those plugins, since it's
not obvious for a new Zim user, that such an useful feature, read
autocompletion of tags, even exists as a plugin, if it will be remain
"hidden" in the tasklist plugin. I'm convinced, that there are a lot of Zim
users, who are using tags, but not the tasklist plugin. They certainly
won't discover the autocompletion plugin, when it won't be listed in the
"official" Zim plugins list
<https://github.com/jaap-karssenberg/zim-wiki/wiki/Plugins> as a separate
plugin. Do you understand my apprehension?
Additionally, with a separate plugin, the plugin's options would also be

2. That's a pity, but thanks for trying! Maybe another one can contribute
on that?

3. It works great in the new version, thanks for that my (virtual) friend!

4. Yes, I have changed the key-bindings, see
https://bugs.launchpad.net/zim/+bug/1322201/comments/11. When I reverse the
change to the default state, I'm able to type an @ in the search field

5. In the new version of your tasklist plugin, autocompleting with "space"
isn't possible anymore. Please restore the old behavior, like it was
possible in the latest autocompletion plugin. This is for me the most time
saving feature of your whole plugin :)

6. I think, that it's already enough to have two ways, with "enter" and
"space", to autocomple tags. Introducing "tab" could also be useful for
somebody, who is used to use "tab", but then I propose that "tab" should
exactly behave like "enter" - it should complete the tag only with one
press, and not two, like it's implemented now. I personally nearly always
use "space" for autocompletion, since it completes the tag and also adds a
space after it, while enter only completes the tag, without a space at the

I've played around with the updated *tasklist plugin* and have the
following to share:

7. From an aesthetical point of view, the bullet point could be removed in
the comment line. The indent already emphasizes the comment line clearly
enough, in addition to the comment string itself.

8. The superscript of the date looks, imho, a little bit out of place,
because the following comment is written in normal text. Please consider
adding an option to have the date in normal text.

9. I also would appreciate an option to entirely remove the date in the
comment, like you've already implemented with the time. This would again
declutter the comment line and therefore make it more appealing to the eye.

10. Is it intended to have an ">" before the comment text, like shown here
<http://i.imgur.com/LFrTDDm.png>? The comment line would, imho, look much
cleaner the following way:
comment (2017.03.24): what if the number of all minds in the universe is
comment: what if the number of all minds in the universe is one?

It would be even better, if Zim finally gets an "quote" or "comment"
format, that normally starts with >, see here
<https://guides.github.com/features/mastering-markdown/>, to better
highlight comments. Maybe this could be implemented during Zim's upgrade to
GTK3 and the like. Maybe Jaap is reading those lines and can give a short
comment on that.

I'm delighted to see Zim constantly evolving and want to say again a
warm-hearted "Thank you" to all contributers and of course to Jaap himself!


Murat Güven <muratg@xxxxxxxxx> schrieb am Fr., 24. März 2017 um 17:38 Uhr:

> Dear Dimitrij,
> thank you for your feedback.
> 1. Thank you for using the tag autocompletion plugin. I merged this into
> the tasklist plugin, but you won't really see a difference as you can use
> autocompletion without
> starting the tasklist. You just need to activate the tasklist plugin
> within the plugin preferences. Please make sure that the autocompletion
> plugin is deactivated, as
> the same keyboard shortcut is being used. Does this satisfy you?
> 2. I reviewed my code and tried to find a way to cycle through the list of
> tags with the tab key, but unfortunately the completion method does not
> support this out of the box.
> There might be a way to handle this, but this is currently out of my
> knowledge. But you can use the tab key instead of the return key as well
> with the new version now.
> 3. Yes, this is an excellent idea. I implemented this into the new
> version. I hope it's ok that you can just double click a tag which you want
> to replace ;)
> 4. I'm not sure if you have changed the keyboard bindings? I chose ALT + q
> for the plugin activation due to the issues I had with ALT GR + @. Please
> review your bindings and get
> back to me.
> Regards,
> Murat
> On 22.03.2017 22:19, Dimitrij Lisov wrote:
> Dear Murat,
> thank you for your great work!
> I have some proposals regarding the tag autocompletion plugin:
> 1. Please make it a standalone plugin again. The autocompletion of tags is
> also very useful without the tasklist plugin. I tag a lot of my pages and
> the autocompletion makes this process very convenient. I'm sure, that most
> Zim users share my point of view.
> 2. In addition to "arrow up and down" respectively, also "tab" should
> cycle through the suggested tags in the autocompletion pop-up. This just
> feels more intuitive. The "tab" key is also used in other programs to
> complete a suggestion or cycle through them.
> 3. When a whole word is marked (f.i. by double-clicking on it) while
> opening the autocompletion pop-up, the selected tag doesn't replace the
> initial marked word, but is placed before the word. It would make more
> sense, when the initial word would be completely replaced by the tag.
> 4. Found the following bug: After invoking the search (Ctrl+F) it's not
> possible to write an "@" there, when the autocompletion plugin is enabled.
> Wishing you all the best!
> Murat Güven <muratg@xxxxxxxxx> schrieb am Di., 21. März 2017 um 13:06 Uhr:
> Dear zim community,
> please join me in improving the task list plugin. I have implemented some
> additional functionality,
> which you may find useful.
> What is new?
>    - The comments which are added to a task (via the task comment plugin)
>    are now collected together with the tasks and are displayed in an
>    additional column.
>    - The tags within a task are now displayed in a separate column
>    - You can now tick a task directly within the dialog. As the core task
>    ticking functionality of zim is used for this, zim switches to the page of
>    the task to be ticked.
>    Due to the sorting of the displayed tasks, ticked tasks are sorted at
>    the end of the list before they are removed after index refresh (within
>    seconds)
>    - The dialog is now split into 2 task trees. The second tree displays
>    the history of ticked tasks
>    - When a task is ticked within the dialog, the tick date is stored
>    within the index. This tick date is also displayed within the task history
>    tree.
>    In addition, I updated the pageview module. With this update the tick
>    date is added / removed directly to / from the task within your note.
>    This date is also collected from the task list plugin and is displayed
>    within the task history tree.
>    - The print functionality now displays the open tasks with more
>    information as well.
> I also included / updated following plugins into the task list plugin:
>    - Tag auto completion (Shortcut: ALT + q)
>    --> Supports you in adding tags by suggesting existing tags
>    --> Removed unwanted frame around the tag entry (within Windows)
>    - Task due date (Shortcut: ALT + period)
>    --> Supports you in adding a due date to a tag (either plain within
>    the text, or with additional entries or as a calendar)
>    - Task comment (Shortcut: CTRL + SHIFT + >)
>    --> The task can now be commented (together with the date / time of
>    the comment)
>    --> The task comments string is added in superstring format, so it
>    does not stand out so much
> You should deactive / delete the separate plugins if you already use them.
> I will maintain them only within the task list plugin.
> *Direct links:*
> https://launchpadlibrarian.net/311490871/pageview.py
> https://launchpadlibrarian.net/311658520/tasklist.py
> *Link to the online plugins:*
> https://github.com/jaap-karssenberg/zim-wiki/wiki/Tasklist-plugin-with-tag-autocompletion
> Feedback welcome!
> Regards,
> Murat
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