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Re: ONCE MORE: Windows 7 Professional, 64 Bit: Copy via [Ctrl+c] from Zim not reliable


just my 2 cents on this topic. May be it helps solving the issue.

Within my plugin "Convert2tags2mail" I provide a method to send the note text as a mail to the selected tags.

For this, I use :
mail_body = ''.join(self.window.pageview.page.dump(format='plain'))

Many times, the mail_body is truncated (say: not complete) or empty.

My workaround is then to select the whole note text within Zim, right click and select "copy as" and then paste into the new (Outlook) mail window.

This issue happens with all Windows versions, no matter of 32 bit or 64 bit.

So I suspect, it's not the clipboard but the the page dumper method which does not work properly.


On 25.04.2017 03:14, Marcio Tibirica wrote:
As we can see from the answers to my question, some users are very happy on Zim running on Windows 64-bit, but some others don't. The copy-paste problem seems to be restrict to a group of users. Why? What are the differences between them?

Maybe there is a flaw in the way GTK2 interacts with windows 64-bit clipboard, but maybe GTK2 is not the only culprit for this problem. Chances are that a detail in system configuration, or maybe a 3rd party application, which is not present in all systems, is conflicting with Zim's clipboard operation.

As a debug procedure I would suggest closing all 3rd party applications running in background in search of possible source of conflict with Zim's copy and paste operation. Applications such as memory optimizers and performance boosters are potential suspicious, but any other silly application can be the bandit. Also consider checking plugins, add-ons and extensions of other main applications. Disable all and re-enable them one by one.

I know this is a bit tedious and time consuming task, but if you find the culprit that will be your passport to heaven after years living in hell.

Just to illustrate my point, maybe 2 years ago, I reported a bug on Zim's Ctrl+D shortcut which sometimes failed. Maybe Jaap remembers the case. By that time I was absolutely sure that there was a bug in Zim code. But, after a week or two, just by chance, I found a conflict between Zim and a dictionary which had a shortcut Ctrl+D+D. Running each application in separate, Zim or dictionary, they performed well, but running both applications together, the dictionary interfered in Zim's behavior. In that case, the solution was just change the dictionary shortcut to Ctrl+C+D.


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