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Re: zim task list features


Jean-Paul BASSET:
> Hello Ural,
> I made a quite similar experience, and did also change for zim for all my
> notes. I do no longer loss any note since.
> I know there is an ongoing projet to make the definition of a mobile zim
> app, and this would be great event if today I could not really say with the
> app should look like.
> To handle my todo's,  I use a combinaison of google agenda, google task,
> and an google sheet for planning. Since shortly, I moved my short time
> notices to todo from microsoft. By the past I used leankit, in form of
> visual postit wich was very powerful for teamwork.

Thanks for sharing your experience.
I know all proprietary services are user-friendly, but my main
requirement is: only opensource, only local. I don't trust any
closed-source shit, and especially micro$oft and any it's products. But
this is my choice.

Gordon Zano:
> Hi Ural
> I've used Zim for a few years now, primarily as a knowledge base.  Using
> different notebooks for my different interests.  I can't speak highly
> enough of Zim!  But as a to do list, Ive used it at a basic level, more
> like a check list for procedures.  My core task tracking tool for business
> and personal use is Remember the Milk: cross platform, fast sync,
> flexible, add task by web app, iOS, android..., even by email.
> on tasks.  Has sub-tasks... I only scratch the surface of its feature
> list.  I won't go on as this list is for Zim!!

Thanks Gordon.
After trying bunch of todo apps, I use zim now because I need to build
fast lists, like: buy today, prepare to holiday, buy this month, etc.

Most of them don't need such features like recurring or else, but on
planning they are required.

Task Coach was the only app that have most (if not all) of features,
including tree-style tasks. But I had some unexpected bugs and stopped
using it. It is also written in python and is open source.

So anyway I need 2 apps, one (ZIM) for note-taking and building fast
lists, and second for planning with notifications, recurring, daily
events etc.

Anyway, my main reason I wrote here, for ZIM lists rearranging items is
very required. If you think the same, please support it here:

Take a look to TaskCoach and KOrganizer (if on linux), maybe you will
like them. No any other open source apps have so many features
(tree-style, subtasks, recurring, notifications, etc)