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Re: Zim alternatives?



I've never had performance issues with Zim, but then I wonder if I'm
anywhere near 500+ pages.
​  How did you find the page count​ of your notebooks.

Do you think it's a page count issue or the sheer number of words in total?
   Interesting too is how you found other text file based wikis to have the
same problem.

Splitting your notebooks into smaller ones will help, but then it could
fragment your data

If Zim was no longer practical to use, what did you settle on as a


On 24 June 2018 at 08:16, Tim Reed <secondtimothy@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hello gentlemen,
> For the data I needed to compile and organize, ZIM worked very well
> initially. I like the idea of having my data
> in plain text format. However, after 400 to 500 pages ZIM's response time
> really began to slow down. By the time
> I had a data base of approximately 1500 pages, ZIM became so slow it was
> no longer practical to use. I found this to
> be the case with a couple of other good note taking programs that saved
> the data in plain text - Outwiker and Wikidpad.
> These programs worked well until number of pages got large (over 500). My
> data has only plain text with no images.
> Cherrytree is an excellent app except it lacks tag handling features.
> There is no tag cloud or tag tree view. When searching tags
> there is no drop-down list to choose a tag from. If you have more than a
> couple of dozen tags, your memory will need to be very good,
> especially if you have 100 to 150 tags. It is very fast though. It stores
> data in an SQLite database.
> If you don't mind having your data in an SQlite database (instead of plain
> text), Zotero is an excellent program.
> My operating system is Linux Mint Cinnamon - 18.3