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Re: Zim alternatives?


I seriously doubt there are any applications of this nature I haven't tried, except on a Mac, and then I've read about them, and I keep coming back to Zim.  My primary requirements are: plain text, tags and categories, portable or accessible everywhere (I keep mine in Dropbox), spell check, and distraction free, in that order.  Zim meets them all (except spell check on Windows which I could never get to work) and then has lots of other nice features.

If you use Windows, which I don't anymore, CintaNotes and Connected Text are both very powerful and plain text. Cinta will sync with Simplenote, but is Windows only and has no spell check. Connected Text is also Windows only, has spell check, but also feature bloat and you have to switch from edit to preview and edit in Wiki syntax, which isn't horrible but I like that Zim hides it. Further, both of these cost money (which I don't mind if I use it) and are proprietary.

Like others have said, Cherry Tree is pretty good, with limitations, and it runs under both Linux and Windows, which was important to me when I dual booted. Tiddlywiki with something like Tiddly Desktop, I hate working in web browsers, is OK but no hierarchy and not intuitive (as you say). It was better in its early days, I thought.

Collate, Standard Notes, and Mikidown are fairly recent additions, and Rednotebook, and Tomboy have been around and are decent, but I don't think any of these can compete with Zim. nvPY as a Simplenote editor is good if you're fine with tag only.

Another not mentioned yet that is worth checking out is QOwnNotes if you like markdown and dual panels for edit and preview.  Sublime Text has many plug-ins that can turn that editor into a pretty good note taking tool.

If you're on a Mac there are tons, like Tinderbox, if you're willing to pay.

If I were better at remembering what's where I would just use Emacs orgmode, which I do use for writing and tasks and outlines, but not note taking.  I am thrilled to see Will Foran has written a zim wiki mode!  If I know which file I want I often do edit Zim files with Emacs if I happen to be in Emacs when I have the thought/idea.

Here are a couple of blogs I follow on note taking:

On 06/23/2018 03:31 AM, Gordon Zano wrote:
How is that for a catchy title!?

I've been using Zim almost every day (Mo-Fr) for about 5yrs.
I recently wondered if there was anything comparable out there and had a look, but couldn't find anything that I preferred.

A couple of candidates that are close are CherryTree and Tiddlywiki.
I gave TiddlyWiki about 30min of my time, but found it very non-intuitive and gave up.  I felt it was something for web developers!

Confluence looks OK if you don't mind the big java footprint, but it's designed for workgroups.

What have you used before moving to Zim Wiki?
Ever tested other products since?


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