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Autosave settings - where?


Hi all,

I have been using Zim for years, if not decades.  I am now on Ubuntu 18.04
and the version of Zim installed is Zim 0.68-rc1.  Recently I noticed that
recent changes to an open Zim page seem to disappear after shutting down
the system without saving in Zim first.  It has been years since I last
looked at autosave, yet under Edit>Preferences I cannot find autosave
options.  Searching in Zim help,  Autosave is mentioned as well as numerous
autosave options on (
http://zim-wiki.org/manual/Plugins/Version_Control.html ) and there are
indeed autosave options under settings for version control but not for
saving in regular Zim.

Can autosave perhaps be forced through a settings file or elsehwere?  What
am I missing?

Thanks in advance