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Re: status of Zim Desktop Wiki for Windows -- I'm taking it a break right now, but someone else can take over


Thanks Brendan for providing windows-builds in the past!

Can you tell us how many downloads the last releases had (on average)?



Am Fr., 18. Jan. 2019 um 18:55 Uhr schrieb Brendan Kidwell <snarf@xxxxxxxxx

> Hi all,
> Thanks to Jaap and any other contributors for all the hard work porting
> Zim to Python 3 and GTK 3! I look forward to using it.
> Last month, Jaap released Zim 0.69 (Python 2 / GTK 2) and I successfully
> ran the build process for Windows, but didn't get around to publishing it.
> I've been using my 0.69 build and aside from the existing things we don't
> know how to fix from before, it's working. I will sign the Windows full
> install and portable install packages and upload them to the Zim for
> Windows site probably tonight. (Sorry I got distracted in the mean time.
> I've been sick.)
> Also last month I started to try to build the Python 3 and GTK 3 branch of
> Zim. I had some trouble with dependency hell, even though I was using pip
> and pyinstaller. I do not know how close I am to a solution. I will not be
> focusing on this effort, personally; I have other personal projects on the
> table, and I don't know how many hours I can put into this in the next
> month or two.
> If anyone wants to try to build Zim 0.70 RC1 using Python 3 and GTK 3 on
> WINDOWS, with the intention of packaging and sharing it, my recommendation
> would be to stick with pip and pyinstaller, and try to do things as simple
> as possible. Py2exe (used by the build script for the Python 2 version of
> Zim) has not seen a release since 2008, while pyinstaller claims to know
> how to deal with GTK 3, out of the box. For the build and packaging steps
> that aren't covered by pyinstaller, you can probably lift ideas from my Zim
> for Python 2 build process in "./windows" in the Git repository.
> If you come up with a good clean solution that's easily repeatable
> (download 1 or 2 dependencies, run a shell script or two), that's great!
> Show it to the team and let's delete the old build process and replace it
> with yours in the Git repository. GPG-sign your installer executables and
> I'd be happy to put them on my site. (Or you can take over Windows
> installer hosting.)
> If no one else comes up with a nice solution for packaging Zim 0.70 for
> Windows, I'll probably get something working by March or April.
> Brendan Kidwell
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