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Re: Cleaning up my config directory


Thanks Jaap,
have submitted an issue as suggested.

I'm unenthusiastic about changing
I worry, for example, if I open an attachment from within zim
(eg a spreadsheet)
will it use the 'special' config dir or the standard dir?
If the 'special' config dir,
then I have to also sync the standard and special config dirs.

Also, if I open one zim notebook from another (using an interwiki link,
I do this a lot as various bits of knowledge are tied together)
which .config file will the 2nd one use?
It must use the same as the first notebook,
as clicking an interwiki link does not call the script that sets XDG_CONFIG_HOME .

So, tonight I'll pin zim at 0.69.1,
so that I don't have to think about this problem again until I next upgrade the OS in 20/06.
(I upgrade only 2 months after each Ubuntu Long Term release).


On 26/03/2019 23.05, Jaap Karssenberg wrote:
Yes, exactly. You just fork the whole config directory by switching the environment parameter.

I understand it is not so convenient in your case, so feel free to open a ticket asking to restore the style per notebook feature. Also allows people to click the "+1" icon and get a feeling how many other users depend on this feature.

Background is that refactoring of the code the config folder is now a global object which is not switched per notebook, so switching profiles did not fit anymore in the architecture. To restore style per notebook a new implementation would be needed compared to how profiles were implemented.

-- Jaap

On Tue, Mar 26, 2019 at 11:50 AM mc <mc4@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:mc4@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    So each profile would now be a style.conf in its own

    I assume that would mean I would use a script to start each of my
        XDG_CONFIG_HOME=/home/<user>/config1 zim wiki1
        XDG_CONFIG_HOME=/home/<user>/config2 zim wiki2

    I think this has 2 consequences:
    1.  I can no longer start wikis from the zim gui itself, or from
    zim in the tray.
    I always have to start them from a script.
    Not a big problem, but worth noting.

    2.  I would have different versions of notebooks.lst,
    one for each config:
    Can zim handle this?

    At the moment I have 3 profiles, so not unmanageable.


    On 26/03/2019 21.08, Jaap Karssenberg wrote:
    We could bring back a feature like style per notebook via
    notebook properties. But not planned for now.

    What always works is running Zim with different environment
    parameter for xdg_config_home to load a different config.



    Op di 26 mrt. 2019 11:04 schreef mc <mc4@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

        "but it will still try styles/<profilename> as a fallback."
        Understand, thanks.

        "From zim 0.70 onwards the profiles are gone"
        So in 0.70 how does one support different styles?

        For example, I use one style for, say, medical, investment
        and knowledge wikis
        (font Liberation Sans, tab/indent 64, etc ,...)
        and another for coding wikis
        (font Liberation Mono, tab/indent 32, etc,...)

        ie fonts, indenting, highlighting etc are different to the
        different types of wikis.


        On 26/03/2019 20.28, Jaap Karssenberg wrote:
        If a notebook has a profile name set zim 0.69 will choose
        <profilename>/style.conf, but it will still try
        styles/<profilename> as a fallback.

        From zim 0.70 onwards the profiles are gone and only
        ~/.zonfig/zim/style.conf is supported for the global setting.

        -- Jaap

        On Sat, Mar 23, 2019 at 1:16 PM mc <mc4@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
        <mailto:mc4@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:


            I have been using the magical zim for a very long time
            since the former Perl version
            Each time I upgrade my OS (Ub 7.04 to now 18.04)
            I just copy across ~/.config/zim

            So I think some things in my config file may no longer
            be used.

            In particular:
            I assume the .conf files in
            are no longer used and have been replaced by

            Is this correct?


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