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Zim 0.71.0 released


Dear all,

Yesterday evening I released zim 0.71.0 . This is a bug fix release with
quite a few (critical) fixes. I hope this release will help to make the
Gtk3 port more stable and useful for more users. Changelog is below, see
git log for 25+ detailed fixes.

Overall the 0.70 release was more painful than I hoped. Several of the
issues are Gtk upstream issues that are not found in my own testing. These
could only be found by exposing more users to this version. I'm sorry were
this caused issues for users unaware of the update but I'm afraid that
means that the exposure of the previous release candidate versions was not
widespread enough.

As the additional digit indicates, I plan to make patch releases in a
0.71.x series if more significant issues arise with this port. In the
meantime there is a "develop" branch in GitHub which will serve to merge
patches towards a 0.72 release. Soonish I will switch the "snapshot" PPA to
pull from this develop branch.

Also you may have noticed that we now have travis continuous testing
running on the GitHub repository. That should make it faster to merge pull
requests as the website will show already the test status.

Thank you for your patience and all the bug reports.



##  0.71.0 - Thu 25 Apr 2019
* Fix "spill over" between translation files
* Fix use of popup menus
* Hack to work around textview glitches embedded objects
* Make indexer recover from duplicate page names
* Fix recovery of broken index file on startup
* Restore New Sub Page for index context menu
* Let customtools replace autoselected words and insert
* Fallback encoding when calling external applications
* Hide pathbar in distraction free mode
* Merge fix for unicode completion in dialogs
* Remember cursor position on reload
* Fix inlinecalculator plugin
* Update Gtk prerequisite version to 3.18
* Updated Russian translation