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Re: Zim Copy&Pase


Hi Nik,

mouse copy works for me when I mark text with a mouse and then directly
go to zim and paste. However, if I format anything in zim before
pasting, mouse copy won't work. Formatting could for instance be to use
Ctrl+2 to make a new headline before pasting text below.

I posted my problem here long ago and could never figure out how to make
mouse copy in zim always work. I have this problem in Linux Mint /
Cinnamon (also past versions), and also with opensuse15 / kde5.

Let me know if you figure something out.


On 7/23/19 8:22 PM, Jaap Karssenberg wrote:
Just tested it, but it does work for me. Please check debug output for
errors and otherwise file a bug report on GItHub.

-- Jaap

On Thu, Jul 18, 2019 at 10:45 AM Dr. Nikolaus Klepp <dr.klepp@xxxxxx> wrote:

Hi all!

Is there a way to make zim on linux behave like a nice X11 application,
i.e. mark text with left mouse butten, past with middle mouse button? I
think this worked on GTK2, but now on GTK3 it's definity not working any