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Re: Zim 0.72.0 released


 Dear Shivam,

My motivation to migrate from Zim to Jekyll
<https://github.com/jekyll/jekyll> actually involved a cascade of events
primarily starting from a desire to version control my PhD thesis. As a
result I fleeted along various tools like GitHub <https://github.com/> (for
versioning content), markdown
<https://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/syntax#philosophy> (for
structuring content), Atom <https://atom.io/> (for editing content) and
Jekyll (for viewing content). The GCD (upside) of these tools turned out to
be *seamless platform (desktop/web) agnostic content-keeping*. The LCM
(downside) is the larger footprint compared to the much leaner Zim. Since
Zim restrains itself by being a *desktop wiki*, I was more convinced to
make the migration after reading this
<https://github.com/zim-desktop-wiki/zim-desktop-wiki/issues/26> that Zim
lacks markdown support. After reading this
<https://v4.chriskrycho.com/2015/academic-markdown-and-citations.html> post
on an academic writing workflow using markdown with the support of Pandoc
<https://pandoc.org/> (for interdocument conversion), I started the
migration. Jekyll is only a part of the process.
   Notwithstanding my perceived limitations of Zim, as a testimony, I would
like to share that Zim helped me learn a lot about web tools (like wiki
functioning, html, thrill of creating your own site with fivethirtyeight
theme :D (I still use it for my site <https://baalkikhaal.github.io/>)),
content-keeping (like interlinking notebooks), API usage (my first serious
foray into reading source codes was through Zim. I managed to extend Zim's
functionality, along with some web scraping Python modules, to setup up a
Mendeley like interface of many-to-many mappings between Authors, Titles
and Years :D).
  On a philosophical note, *Zim is but a bead in the process of evolution
of content-keeping*. It is neither the beginning nor the end. Its a long
way to go where the GCD equals the LCM (the ultimate non duality) ;).

PS: I will check out the aforementioned tools -- Nikola, org-mode.

sincerely yours,

On Wed, Sep 4, 2019 at 8:49 PM Chuck Esterbrook <chuck.esterbrook@xxxxxxxxx>

> Hi Shivam,
> What the "something better than Zim" look like? Just curious.
> -Chuck

Sreekar Guddeti,
Spintronics and Thin Film Magnetism Lab,
Physics Department,
IISc Bangalore,

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