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Re: anyone using zim to organise browser bookmarks and rss feeds ? (zim working with liferea)


Hi Horst!

Anno domini 2021 Sat, 28 Aug 21:11:19 +0200
 Horst JENS scripsit:
> Hi there,
> first a big compliment, I am *very* impressed with zim, and a bit angry at
> myself that I discovered it just now and not already years ago.
> Did anyone of you has experience with  organising browser bookmarks with
> zim and / or organizing rss-feeds from blogs (like Liferea
> https://lzone.de/liferea/) with zim?

I use it for all my bookmarks. But my workflow is a bit caotic: i place the bookmark as links on the desktop. From time to time I start a script that moves all bookmarks from the desktop to a zim Notebook, organized by date of link creation (see attachment). Soon (insert arbitrary tim in a distant future) I'll modify that to be a directory structure on the desktop that is also present in zim so that additional bookmarks are added at the corect subpage.

But I don't use RSS feeds.


> I basically want to organize all my bookmarks / RSS-feeds as zim pages (so
> that i can use tags, description etc) with some kind of visual clue if any
> of the RSS sites has new content.
> greetings from Vienna,
>  -Horst

Please do not email me anything that you are not comfortable also sharing with the NSA, CIA ...

mkdir -p $(dirname $WIKI)

echo >> $WIKI
rm ~/Desktop/*~ 2>/dev/null

find ~/Desktop -maxdepth 1 -iname \*.desktop -printf "20%Ty-%Tm-%Td %p\n" | while read zeit file; do
	url=$(cat "$file" | sed -n 's#^URL[^=]*=\(http\)#\1#p')
	if [ ! -z "$url" ]; then
		echo -n "$zeit "
		echo "$url"
		rm "$file"
#done | sort >> $WIKI

#zim Notes Bookmarks:000\ NEU\ 000